Henry and Shelley

They got me a bike so I can get out and cool down – Henry and Shelley’s story

Feeling stressed about the arrival of her baby, Shelly went to see a GP at her local Aboriginal medical service. She and her partner Henry were referred to Family Wellbeing Services for support a few months before the baby was born.

The Family Wellbeing Services worker helped Henry and Shelly apply for housing so they could move out of their shared boarding house. They worked together to get the small unit furnished, ready for the baby's arrival.

Shelly went to parenting courses and Henry attended men's group and informal counselling to learn how to control his emotions when he got angry.

"Our arguments were bad… we never hit each other but we yelled and screamed at each other. We talked to the Family Wellbeing Services worker and then I went to the men’s group. They got me a bike so I could get out of the house for a while to cool down. When I come back, we are able to talk better. I know not to go for too long or she will worry about me."

They both learnt skills in how to talk things out and handle conflict.

Henry and Shelly no longer need Family Wellbeing Services but they continue to go to the men's groups and mums and bubs groups run by the service.