Overcoming homesickness and a language barrier – Alex's story

Struggling with homesickness, lack of support, financial issues and conflict in the home would be enough for any family but when Alex saw her teenage daughters had issues engaging at school due to cultural conflicts, she knew she needed help. Originally reaching out to Family Wellbeing Service for school engagement support, Family Wellbeing Services was able to offer Alex help with much more.

The Family Wellbeing Service worker met with the family weekly in a place they felt safe and comfortable. As English is the family’s third language the service arranged an interpreter so they could tell their story in their first language.

Opening up to the worker, Alex talked about her concerns about land rights for her local community where she is an Elder, her partner’s mental health and how to support him, an NDIS application and mental health assessment.

The worker supported Alex’s daughters transition to school, Alex attended the women’s group helping her make friends in her new community and the father and the son were referred to other services for more appropriate support for men.