I feel supported – Sherry’s story

Before going to Family Wellbeing Services, Sherry was depressed and misusing alcohol and drugs. Her family was falling apart, and she didn't have money to buy clothes and food for her kids.

Family Wellbeing Services helped with budgeting, her mental health, self-restraint, managing her anger, and finding ways to heal with regular counselling. The service helped her get her children into day care and playgroup, and her older kids attend homework club. They love learning and being with other kids. Sherry also created a safety plan for the domestic violence her family is experiencing.

The Family Wellbeing Services worker visits often to check on her family's mental health and they get regular counselling and referrals to Murri organisations that can help. Sherry and her family are healing. Sherry gets strength from her community Elders, attending yarning circles and listening to them talk and passing on their cultural knowledge.

"I can now reach out to people, feel supported and know that I am not on my own," she says.

Sherry is studying for a traineeship and finished a course in Mental Health First Aid to help her get a good-paying job. Sherry wants to be a better mum for her kids, have a car, job, and move back to country so her children can learn about their culture and living on the land.