Overcoming grief and addiction to be reunited with her kids – Nicole's story

When Nicole first went to see Family Wellbeing Services, she was living with her 3 younger kids and her sick dad in a regional town with limited services. Nicole was looking for counselling services to help the family with past trauma and health services for her unwell dad. While some progress was made, Nicole turned to drugs and alcohol when her dad died.

The second time she went to Family Wellbeing Services was after a local health worker referred the family. Meeting with the family, they could see they were all struggling with their wellbeing, health and family interaction. Monthly visits from the Family Wellbeing Service, which worked closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers to find the right services and support for the family, set them on the right path.

Since being engaged with the service for 16 months, all children have been reunited with Nicole. The family feels supported and listened to and are grateful for the continued support they have received from the Family Wellbeing Service workers.