I know how to make great choices and decisions – Jenny's story

As a single mum of 4 boys, Jenny had a busy life already, but two serious domestic violence issues forced her to relocate, and she was very worried her ex-partner would find her. Living with her sister and her 7 kids, life was chaotic and it was difficult to get her children into a routine with school.

Sitting down with Family Wellbeing Services, Jenny was able to work out her goals and what actions she needed to take to achieve them. They were able to provide advice to get her sister into a more suitable home, help enrol her youngest in playgroup and keep her on track with making sure her middle sons attended school. Her oldest has been linked to a youth worker and the whole family now has a health clinic they can go do for medical and dental care.

Thanks to Family Wellbeing Services, Jenny has reached her goals and built her confidence and self-esteem to make great choices and decisions for herself and her children.