Gaining confidence in her parenting – Kelly's story

Kelly was struggling to manage, working night shift to provide for her boys while her partner looked after her kids. While her partner tried, he struggled with the boys’ behaviour and Kelly thought things would be better if one of her sons went to live with her mother which was upsetting for the boys. She was unhappy she didn’t have time to spend with her partner and kids due to shift work.

The Family Wellbeing Services worker had weekly catch-ups with Kelly at home to talk about her concerns and worked with the school to get the boys extra learning support. She was connected with a GP and other health workers including paediatricians, an occupational therapist and speech pathologist, legal services and a women’s group to help Kelly and her kids.

Kelly had help writing a resume and the Family Wellbeing Services worker was also a referee for job applications. Kelly found a new job that means she has more time to spend with her boys which makes her feel happier. A referral to NDIS was made for ongoing support for the kids. 

Kelly now feels more connected to her community and local support services. She also feels more confident in her parenting style and managing her kids’ behaviour.